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Since 2001 Critical Care Education has been the leader in Allied Health Education and has excelled at providing our students with a demanding program that leaves them prepared and ready for the field of EKG Technician, Monitor Technician, and Telemetry Technician.  Our program has been modeled and adapted from leading national organizations.

Our program has a 99% pass rate and most students start a new career within 3 months

Our program is recognized and accredited with:

  • Cardiovascular Credentialing International
  • Bureau of Registered Nursing

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Why Choose Critical Care Education?

Our online program has incorporated new age learning techniques to our students and we stand by the consistent quality and mastery of EKG rhythm interpretation that our programs delivers.

Our online EKG Technician program is designed to provide you the training for three careers in one program and includes all of the training you need to enter the medical fields of:

  • Telemetry Technician
  • Monitor Technician
  • EKG Technician

Benefits of enrolling into our online program includes:

  • Completing coursework on your time
  • Access to an instructor to answer questions and help with challenges
  • No need to change your work schedule
  • No need to drive to class weekly

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Want to Learn More about Telemetry, Monitor, and EKG Technicians

What is a Monitor Technician

Monitor Technicians are typically found in Critical Care or step-down units of the hospital. They are stationed at the nurse’s station and monitor patient heart waves while assisting with secretarial duties. A Monitor Technician's job is simple monitor and document EKG Rhythms while assisting the unit secretary with record keeping.


What is an EKG Technician?

EKG Technician's work beside nurse's performing stress tests and Holter monitoring on patients. Look at the video below to see what a stress test is. EKG technicians also perform Holter monitoring which is an ambulatory device that records the patient’s EKG rhythms for 24 hours or more and the EKG Technician then interprets the data to find abnormalities that are then reported to the physician.


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What is a Telemetry Technician?

Telemetry Technicians are in the Telemetry unit of the hospital and is stationed at the nurse’s station monitoring patient heart waves. They spend their shift watching for subtle and not-so-subtle changes in heart waves. A telemetry technician's job is simple to ensure no change goes unnoticed and to alert the nurse if changes do occur.


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